Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lush Fuss

Hey dolls, hope you all had a amazing Christmas and New Year. This year was one of the best Xmas's ever because I got to spend it with some family who truly mean the world to me and I couldn't wish for a more perfect day. New Years was boring as per usual, I'm 17 so there is only so much one can do *sigh* However my birthday was after New Years Day (2ND JAN) So thats always something to look forward to! My mum kindly bought me the Canon 600D/T3i which I am so grateful for because I really wanted to improve my blog as well as my Youtube videos. Bare with me with my pictures on this post as I am still figuring out the ways of this camera!

Rant over, now back to the post! For Xmas I kindly received some Lush products for my mother which I was so elated about, because which girl doesn't like Lush? Especially anything smelling like Snow Fairy. My mum bought me a giant bottle of Snow Fairy which was the best thing ever because when I smell Snow Fairy I seriously go into some sort of dream! 

She also kindly got me the bubblegum scrub which I was in desperate need of, due to my niece who ate my whole last tub which was not amusing ha! This scrub seriously makes you wanted to devour the whole thing (literally), its just that good! I mainly use a toothbrush or simply my fingers to apply this.

Last but not least my mum purchased the Magic Wand Bubble Bar which I have been eyeing up for a while, despite probably never ever using it..I hardly use bath bombs, bubble bars because I just like to have them for display and to add to my collection. 

Hopefully you enjoyed my first post dolls and I've been writing this post since 1:45am hence the reason why it may be a little scruffy! But hopefully you enjoyed!


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